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Suver & Burnstead Construction

Leo Suver, longtime president of Steve Burnstead Construction LLC has partnered with Steve Burnstead to bring together over three decades of exceptional home building tradition, to form Suver & Burnstead Custom Homes.

The unique and fresh focus of Suver & Burnstead is on homes specifically crafted and designed for discerning clients on uncommonly rare properties. The company’s new designs feature Northwest Modern Architecture utilizing a blend of natural materials and high-quality finishes which are directed towards our new generation of buyers.

Customer driven at its core and honest to its roots, Suver & Burnstead Custom Homes is committed to building uniquely incomparable homes with a renowned team of local architects, designers, artisans and craftspeople. The result; a new company, a new legacy, a new brand of homebuilding celebrating the future of Suver & Burnstead.

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